1000 Multiple Choice Questions on Menopause 1st Edition 2019 at Meripustak

1000 Multiple Choice Questions on Menopause 1st Edition 2019

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Suvarna Khadilkar
    PublisherCBS Publishers & Distributors
    Edition1st Edition 2019
    Publish YearMarch 2019


    CBS Publishers & Distributors 1000 Multiple Choice Questions on Menopause 1st Edition 2019 by Suvarna Khadilkar

    Practising menopausal medicine needs updating of knowledge from time to time as the recent literature has revolutionised many concepts. In spite of practising, learning and teaching various aspects of menopause for several years, there remain some areas which are not well understood .This book intends to fine tune knowledge and get clear cut answers to unanswered questions. The undergraduate and postgraduate students of today have several hurdles to clear by way of entrance exams which are in the format of multiple choice questions, enabling objective assessment.

    About the Author:- 

    Suvarna Khadilkar After graduating from Grant Medical College[GMC],Mumbai, she joined as a lecturer, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, JJ Hospital and GMC,Mumbai,and later was working as Associate Professor and Unit Chief at St George Hospital and Cama and Albless Hospital, Mumbai. She passed MPSC exam on merit no 1 state level, for the post of Professor and Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Government Medical College, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. She is an undergraduate and postgraduate teacher for 25 years and examiner of Mumbai University and Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. After having worked in various capacities for the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of India (JOGI), for 20 years, she has now taken charge as Editorin- Chief, JOGI, 2017. She was elected as the Chair Endocrinology Committee of FOGSI 2011–13, and also the joint treasurer FOGSI has now taken charge as treasurer FOGSI.

    Dr. Khadilkar has six textbooks to her credit on DUB, menopause, and reproductive endocrinology. She has published more than 100 articles at national and international levels. She is a recipient of about 25 awards for the research. A few to mention, Pramila Bhatia Young Scientist Award, Dr. Kumud P Tamaskar Research prize, Dr. CS Dawn prize, FOGSI—Nimish Shelat Research Award for Reproductive Endocrinology prize, and FOGSI—DC Dutta prize for best publication in 2014.

    Table of Contents:- 
    Foreword v
    Preface vii
    1. Physiology of Menopause Seema Sharma 1
    2. Demographics Suvarna Khadilkar and Meeta 6
    3. Hormones at Menopause and Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Ovarian Axis Navneet Takkar 8
    4. Effect of Menopause on Body Tissues Navneet Takkar 10
    5. Types of Menopause, Risks and Management Seema Sharma and Preeti Deshpande 16
    6. Clinical Symptoms and Signs of Menopause Seema Sharma 21
    7. Investigation at and around Menopause Ambuja 26
    8. Calcium Kanchan Sorte 31
    9. Vitamin D Ashwini Bhalerao-Gandhi 33
    10. Micronutrients other than Calcium and Vitamin D Bhumika 36
    11. Diet in Menopause Shefali Kamal Kumar 38
    12. Yoga/Exercise in Menopause Madhuri Mehendale 41
    13. Sexuality and Menopause Madhuri Mehendale 43
    14. Fertility Issues at Menopause Punit Bhojani 45
    15. Contraception Deepali Prakash Kale 50
    16. Checklist before Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) (History, Examination, Investigation) Suvarna Khadilkar 52
    17. Menopausal Hormone Therapy Seema Sharma 54
    18. Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) in High-Risk Cases Suvarna Khadilkar 57
    19. Tibolone Seema Sharma 58
    20. Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) Suvarna Khadilkar 61
    21. Alternate Therapy in Menopause Shobhana Mohan Das 63
    22. Case Scenarios: Menopause Management Suvarna Khadilkar 67
    23. Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Neelam Aggarwal 70
    24. Comorbidities at Menopause Jyothi Unni 73
    25. Thyroid Disorders at Perimenopause Suvarna Khadilkar and Seema sharma 75
    26. Endocrinopathies at Perimenopause Suvarna Khadilkar 78
    27. Carcinoma Breast Kawita Bapat 79
    28. Menopause and Cancer Punit Bhojani 82
    29. Cancer Cervix Punit Bhojani 83
    30. Endometrial Cancer Punit Bhojani 88
    31. Colonic Cancer Seema Sharma 92
    32. Ovarian Carcinoma Seema Sharma 94
    33. Sarcopenia Suvarna Khadilkar 96
    34. Osteoporosis Rashmi Shah and Sudha Sharma 98
    35. Treatment of Osteoporosis Sudha Sharma 101
    36. Osteoarthritis Seema Sharma 104
    37. Case Scenarios: Osteoporosis Seema Sharma 106
    38. Desmopressin and Diosmin Jyoti Jaiswal 109
    39. Ulipristal and Mifepristone Priya Vora/Thakur 110
    40. Non-Hormonal Treatment of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB) Siddhesh Iyer and Suvarna Khadilkar 113
    41. Hormonal Management AUB Siddesh Iyer and Suvarna Khadilkar 115
    42. Recent Advances and Newer Techniques in AUB Deepali Prakash Kale and Siddhesh Iyer 117
    43. Hysterectomy Siddesh Iyer 120
    44. Oophorectomy to Do or Not to Do Suvarna Khadilkar 123
    45. Overactive Bladder Suvarna Khadilkar 126
    46. Urinary Incontinence Seema Sharma 128
    47. Genital Prolapse Seema Sharma 129
    48. Genital Atrophy Preeti Deshpande 131
    49. Perimenopausal Bleeding and Case Scenarios Deepali Prakash Kale 133
    50. Case Scenarios: Stress Urine Incontinence/Urge Incontinence Preeti Deshpande and Suvarna Khadilkar 136
    51. Case Scenarios: Genital Prolapse Seema Sharma 138
    52. Path Breaking Trials Meeta and Suvarna Khadilkar 141
    53. Self-Assessment Punit Bhojani and Deepali Prakash Kale 148