More Details about A Textbook of Physical Chemistry, Applications of Thermodynamics [Vol. 3] (SI Units)

General Information  
PublisherMcGraw Hill
BindingSoft Cover
Publish YearJanuary 2014


This book is the third of the six-volume series, which provides an extensive coverage of Physical Chemistry. Each volume includes a large number of illustrative numericals and typical problems to highlight the principles involved. IUPAC recommendations and SI units have been adopted throughout. The present book describes Applications of Thermodynamics to the Equilibria between Phases, Colligative Properties, Phase Rule, Solutions, Phase diagrams of One-, Two- and Three component Systems and Electrochemical Cells. 

Key Features:-

  • Comprehensive coverage to applications of thermodynamics to the equilibria between phases
  • Emphasis given to applications and principles
  • Explanation of equations in the form of solved problems and numericals
  • IUPAC recommendations and SI units have been adopted throughout
  • Rich and illustrious pedagogy