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General Information  
Author(s)William J Ray
PublisherSAGE Texts
Publish YearJuly 2018


The South Asian edition of this highly acclaimed textbook introduces readers to the rapidly evolving science of abnormal psychology through integrative approach, cutting-edge research data, and reference to DSM-5. Abnormal Psychology offers up-to-date coverage of topics through a multilevel perspective ranging from culture to genetics. This approach helps students to move beyond simple nature/nurture standpoints to new ways of considering psychological disorders. The text’s first-person narratives and case studies help readers understand better the experiences of a person with a psychological disorder while demonstrating the individual’s ability to live a full and productive life. The adaptation includes recent research data and case studies from India and South Asia to make the text more relatable to the students. It also touches upon recent works from India on epidemiology, etiology, and genetics. Key Features: · Thorough integration of the critical evaluation of DSM-5 · Text based on traditional psychological literature as well as underlying brain-based processes · Integrated coverage of neuroscience and evidence-based, cutting-edge research · A global LENS feature in every chapter that raises important societal and cultural issues · Concept checks throughout each chapter, end-of-chapter review questions, and key terms to help master important concepts