Abnormal Psychology, 8/e, brings both the science and personal aspects of abnormal psychology to life with a focus on evidence-based practice and emerging research. Authors Thomas F. Oltmanns and Robert E. Emery present the most cutting edge information on abnormal psychology by covering methods and treatment in context. Organized around the way students learn, this title helps readers understand the biological, psychological and social perspectives of abnormal psychology. Salient Features 1) Improves Critical Thinking - The new feature Thinking Critically About DSM-5, in each chapter, encourages students to think deeply about the pros and cons of the diagnostic system. Critical Thinking Matters sections focus on both the research and treatments within abnormal psychology and encourage readers to be "inquiring skeptics." 2) Engages Students - Case Studies take the reader along the human journey of abnormal psychology by helping students to think more deeply about psychological disorders. In extended cases near the beginning of each chapter, in briefer cases later, and in first-person accounts throughout, the student sees how ordinary lives are disrupted by psychological problems—and how effective treatment can rebuild shattered lives. 3) Explores Research - Research has been updated throughout, including controversies about depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. Research Methods sections in every chapter allow for a more detailed coverage of research methods by making the material more manageable, focused, and relevant to chapter content.

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Author(s)Thomas F Oltmanns and Robert E Emery
Edition8th Edition
Publish YearJune 2016