More Details about Advanced Linear Algebra, Second Edition

General Information  
Author(s)Bruce Cooperstein
PublisherT and F CRC
Publish YearJune 2015


Advanced Linear Algebra, Second Edition takes a gentle approach that starts with familiar concepts and then gradually builds to deeper results. Each section begins with an outline of previously introduced concepts and results necessary for mastering the new material. By reviewing what students need to know before moving forward, the text builds a solid foundation upon which to progress. The new edition of this successful text focuses on vector spaces and the maps between them that preserve their structure (linear transformations). Designed for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students, the book discusses the structure theory of an operator, various topics on inner product spaces, and the trace and determinant functions of a linear operator. It addresses bilinear forms with a full treatment of symplectic spaces and orthogonal spaces, as well as explains the construction of tensor, symmetric, and exterior algebras.

Key Features:-

  • Contains new chapters covering sesquilinear forms, linear groups and groups of isometries, matrices,
  • Adds sections on normed vector spaces, orthogonal spaces over perfect fields of characteristic two,
  • Includes several new exercises and examples, with a solutions manual available upon qualifying cours