Persuasive questioning and argument in courts and tribunals need skills in case preparation and techniques of presentation - skills that can always be improved, whether the practitioner is renowned or a novice. This book explains the `what`, the `why` and the `how` of basic advocacy skills and techniques using four realistic scenarios to illustrate the use of the techniques in practice. Topics covered include: knowing the audience developing the legal and factual case developing a ``game plan`` mastering the facts, both good and bad witness interviews, the scene, experts` reports the argument, including interlocutory applications procedure, pleas-in-mitigation, and the closing address court procedure, protocol, etiquette and the actual experience of being in a courtroom opening statements and questioning witnesses preparing the witness and giving evidence when and how to cross-examine witnesses, leading questions, rules of fairness, objections, impeachent, credibility and hearsay an advocacy Dictionary to help with terminology.

More Details about Advocacy Preparation and Performance (First Indian Reprint)

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PublisherUniversal Law Publishing Pvt Ltd
Publish YearJanuary 2011