More Details about Agroforestry: An Ecological Tool

General Information  
Author(s)Prabha Shastri Ranade
PublisherSBS Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd
Publish YearJune 2012


Agroforestry Is A System Of Land Management That Integrates Trees And Shrub Planting With Crops Ov Livestock In Order To Generate Economic,Environmental And Social Benefits. This Book Shows How Agroforestry Systems Contribute In A Variety Of Ways To Ecological, Social And Economic Functions. It Includes Technologies To Improve Soil Fertility, Provide Fodder Fruits, Medicines, Timber And Fuel Wood Under Agroforestry And Shows How The Knowledge And Skills In Agroforestry Are Updated.It Helps One To Understand The Primary Motivations That Influence Farmers To Adopt Certain Agroforestry Systems Such As Food Security And Improved Livelihood.Agroforestry Plays A Distinct Role In Providing The Farm Household Stable And Ready Source Of Food. The Various Agroforestry Practices Which Help Conserve And Rehabilitate Ecosystem And Support Integrated Management Of Farmlands And Rural Spaces Are Discussed.It Shows How Agroforestry Is A Way Of Mitigating Poverty In Low-Income Countries As In Africa As It Provides Social And Economic Well-Being To The People. Jathropa, The Green Fuel For Income Generation And Cleaner Environment Is Grown Under Agroforestry.The Book Covers A Wide Range Of Articles Dealing With (1)Agroforestry For Improved Lilihood,(2) Agroforestry For Food Security. And (3) Agroforestry For Environmental Conservation The Articles Highlight How Agroforestry Contributes To Biodiversity Conservation, Helps Farm Diversification While Protecting The Environment, Yields Goods And Services To Society And Enhance The Fertility Of The Soil There By Preventing Land Degradation. Agroforestry System Also Acts As Carbon Sinks And Help Augment The Carbon Storage In Agro-Ecosystem.