In translating this book, we have attempted to preserve as much as possible the style and format of the original book. However, there are always difficulties in translating a technical work from one language to another, especially where different scripts or alphabets are used. Where possible, the figures from the original Russian edition have been retained and modified with English text. As the book was written fifty years ago, there have been subsequent changes to things such as chemical terms, plant names, plant family names, etc., and where it helps to clarify reading of the book, such changes have been made or noted. In a few cases, explanatory notes have been added to help amplify the text where the exact meaning may be unclear to the present-day reader. Explanatory footnotes supplied by the translators are those that are numbered; others with symbols are owing to Grodzinskii. Where possible, errors, ambiguities, and omissions have been amended.

More Details about Allelopathy In The Life Of Plants And Their Communities

General Information  
Author(s)Willis and R J
PublisherScientific Publishers
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2016