This book details the colposcopic features of the female lower genital tract along with the correlative cytology and histopathology in the form of text and colour atlas which the authors have collected over many years of their practice in these fields. Description of the equipment needed technique of colposcopy and the underlying basis of different abnormalities has been covered so as to enable the readers to have a clear concept of the principles of colposcopy recognize basic colposcopic patternsas the differentiation between physiological and pathological lesions is imperative to decide the proper management protocol. All those practising colposcopy must have a knowledge of cytology and histopathology for proper interpretation and clinicopathological correlation. Likewise the cytologists and pathologist too should have an active involve- ment in running colposcopy clinics for proper interpretation of the material submitted to them. Newer developments in the field of colposcopycytology and histopathology are also briefly discussed. Various cytological and histopathological staining techniques are described. The book should be of immense value to the practising gynaecologist as well as the pathologists.

More Details about An Atlas of Colposcopy Cytology And Histopathology of Lower Female Genitaltract : Text with Colour Atlas

General Information  
Author(s)S K Das and S Nigam and A Batra and M Chandra
BindingHard Cover
Publish YearJanuary 2008