This book provides a critical analysis of the current scientific, epidemiological, and clinical research on the health benefits of plant-based foods and dietary phytochemicals. Designed to aid the health professional in the clinical setting, the book provides highly practical information for understanding the sources of dietary and supplementary phytochemicals, as well as their nutrient interactions, drug interactions, and possible adverse effects.

Key Features:-

  • An overview of the health benefits of plant foods and beverages, including fruits, vegetables, legum
  • Current clinical and scientific evidence of the health benefits of individual dietary phytochemicals
  • Concise bullet-point summaries at the end of each chapter for rapid review of important concepts
  • Peer-reviewed by experts in the field to ensure material is both accurate and up-to-date
  • Easy-to-read appendices with key information on the dietary glycemic index of foods, diseases, drug
  • Evidence-based information with extensive lists of references in each chapter

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PublisherThieme Medical Publishers