More Details about An Insight into Indian Accounting Standards 2 Volumes

General Information  
Author(s)Dr Sanjeev Singhal and CA Amarjit Chopra
PublisherCCH India
Publish YearApril 2015


An Insight into Indian Accounting Standards is a book covering the concept of Ind- AS in detail. This book comes in two volumes, wherein the first Volume provides an indepth analysis of the IND AS, review of complete roadmap, disclosure requirements, contextual and comparative analysis of Ind – AS with IFRS vis-à-vis prevailing Indian GAAP for better understanding. The Second volume contains the IND AS for ready reference. The Enclosed CD also carries the content of the Ind AS

This would be useful for first time adoption of Ind-AS by corporates. It would also be very useful for all the professionals working in the direction of implementation of Ind-AS. This books provides industry specific guidance for application of Ind-AS. It bridges the gap between AS and Ind-AS by dint of various case studies and application guides. It provides model financial statements incorporating the changes originating from Ind-AS for smooth implementation.  

Unique Points 
This book provides a roadmap for smooth implementation of Ind AS and bridges the gap from AS to Ind-AS.
It provides Carve outs from IFRS for the Ind- AS asnotified by MCA as on Feb’ 2011 and Feb’2015
This books provides guidance vis-à-vis to challenges in adoption of Ind AS
It provides comprehensive coverage of requirements of Ind-AS, detailed guide for application and case studies relating to First time adoption of Ind AS. 
Contains discussion over larger number of practical issues. (These are the material of ICAI for which permission is seeked for reproduction)
It provides the guidance for practical application of Ind-AS for various financial statements:
        o Balance Sheet related Ind AS
        o Profit & Loss related Ind AS
        o Cash Flow related Ind AS
        o Group reporting requirements related Ind AS
        o Presentation/Disclosure/specific accounting requirements related Ind AS
Industry specific application of Ind-AS detailed requirement and its presentation. 
It provides detailed disclosure checklist on Ind-AS
Detailed Comparison between
        o IFRS and Ind AS
        o Ind AS and AS
Complete bare text of Ind AS along with Glossary of terms defined in Ind AS
Specimen IFRS based Annual reports of Indian and Foreign companies 
The book would be printed on bible paper, making it light-weight and easy to read.