Family Living is becoming more and more complex in the modern setting and the ever-changing family scenario. In the present family system where the mother is occupied her home for longer hours, she has very little time to pass on her knowledge or train her children in the area of family resource management. Thus the present generation is dependent on the available literature and this book is an attempt towards this goal. Home science education is now changing fast from its earlier focus, on merely preparing the girls for the married life and for running a home efficiently, towards preparing girls for vocations. The students, therefore, need a strong literature base to learn the various aspects of this kind of education which is based on facts from Indian context. Keeping this in view, the lessons in the book cite examples from Indian context. The contents of the book include the areas of managing family resources. The fundamental concepts of management, family as a system, the resources and the motivating factors in management are dealt with in detail in separate chapters in the book. Some major resources like time, energy, money and space are discussed in detail. These resources are thoroughly analysed and presented in a format which can easily be understood and followed by the students. Some of the facts are also presented in the form of figures and tables to highlight them for easy understanding. An effort has been made to discuss the role of management in family life-cycle so that the significance of learning this subject is realised by a householder for smooth management of family resources.

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Author(s)Seetharaman P
Publish YearJanuary 2015