More Details about Analysis Of Structures On Elastic Foundations, 1/E

General Information  
PublisherJ. Ross Publishing
Publish YearJanuary 2013


Analysis of Structures on Elastic Foundations is a practical guide for structural and geotechnical engineers as well as graduate students working in foundation engineering. Included are detailed descriptions of practical methods of analysis of various foundations including simple beams on elastic foundations as well as very complex foundations such as mat foundations supported on piles. Methods for fast and easy hand analysis in addition to methods for exact computer analysis are presented. Most of the methods are developed for three soil models: Winkler foundation, elastic half-spaces, and elastic layers. Numerous numerical examples illustrate the applications of these methods.

Key Features:-

  • Offers simple formulae and tables for analysis of beams free-supported on Winkler foundation and ela
  • Describes in detail the little known Method of Initial Parameters that allows analyzing various stat
  • Covers a new and very simple method of combined analysis of 2D and 3D frames with individual foundat
  • Introduces a series of new methods/algorithms such as analysis of composite beams and plates on elas
  • WAV features editor's notes and corrections available from the Web Added Value Download Resource Cen