More Details about Anatomy and Physiology: Theory and Practical for Diploma in Pharmacy Students (PB)

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PublisherCBS Publishers & Distributors
Publish YearSeptember 2018


Anatomy and Physiology theory and Practical for Diploma in Pharmacy Students has been written in a simple and concise language, with various levels of headings and subheadings, specifically aiming the text at the students of diploma in pharmacy, and as per the syllabus prescribed by Pharmacy Council of India. The text has been amply supplemented with a large number of easily reproducible color diagrams thoroughly explaining the subjects and also providing a photogenic memory to the reader. In addition, tables and flowcharts have been introduced for comprehensive, all-round understanding of the theoretical aspects and practical applications. Discussion on clinical aspects provides a bird’s eyeview of many of the clinical conditions which pharmacy students would anticipate and may see during their training period. Most importantly the book includes the section on practicals of both anatomy and physiology making it a complete book on the two important subjects. This is a complete textbook written by subject experts catering to the specific requirements of diploma in pharmacy students.