More Details about Animal Machines

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Author(s)Harrison R Et All
Publish YearMarch 2013


This is the long-awaited reprint of the classic work of ground-breaking importance on animal welfare. Ruth Harrison's classic Animal Machines, had a profound impact on public opinion and the quality of life of farmed animals when it was published in 1964. Reprinted in its entirety, it gives an accurate, and sometimes shocking, account of intensive farming in the 1960's, still current in large parts of the world today. Harrison's work greatly increased public awareness of animal welfare and led to legal reforms, shaping our better understanding of farm conditions today. It provides a fascinating insight into the system we continue to live with as the global population increases. It includes new chapters by international experts in animal welfare including Marion Stamp Dawkins, discussing the book's significant legacy and impact today. It is suitable for animal welfare researchers, academics and students, welfare associations and charities, veterinary schools, agricultural colleges, agriculturalists, farmers, food quality professionals, farm inspection professionals and the general public.