Text of the book Applied Sedimentology, is a core branch of Earth Sciences It includes both theoretical and applied aspects Beginning with the field methods and methods of sampling textural attributes of sedimentary particle their measurement data analysis by statistical methods and interpretation in sedimentological research have been dealt with in detail. Genesis of syn-depositional and post-depositional sedimentary structures, their morphological characters analysis and application in sedimentary basin evolution have been described Facies concept depositional sedimentary environments and their characteristics the light of the recent theory of Plate Tectonics have also been discussed. Mineralogy, schemes of classification and other significant aspects of sandstones and carbonate rocks have been dealt with in detail while only significant aspects of minor rock types have been described in separate chapters.1 introduction. 2 field methods. 3 the sedimentary cycle. 4 sedimentary particles. 5 sediment movement by fluid. 6 primary sedimentary structures. 7 classification of sedimentary rocks. 8 sedimentary facies and products. 9 allochthonous rocks: sandstones. 10 autochthonous rocks: carbonate rocks. 11 other autochthonous rocks: evaporites. 12 chert. 13 phosphates. 14 iron and manganese rock.

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Author(s)Sukhtankar R K
Publish YearDecember 2005