Featuring hundreds of high-quality digital images, Atlas of Normal Radiographic Anatomy and Anatomic Variants in the Dog and Cat helps you make accurate diagnoses by identifying the differences between normal and abnormal anatomy. Expert authors Donald E. Thrall and Ian D. Robertson describe a wider range of \"normal,\" as compared to competing books, not only showing standard dogs and cats but non-standard subjects such as overweight and underweight pets plus animals with breed-specific variations. This oversized atlas provides an ideal complement to Thrall\'s Textbook of Veterinary Diagnostic Radiology, the leading veterinary radiography text in the U.S. Use this quick, visual reference for proper technique and interpretation of radiographic images, and you will make accurate diagnoses and achieve successful treatment outcomes.

Key Features:-

  • High-quality digital images show anatomic structures with excellent contrast resolution to enable ac
  • Radiographic images of normal or \"standard\" prototypical animals are supplemented by images of non
  • Brief descriptive text and explanatory legends accompany images, putting concepts into the proper co
  • Clear labeling of important anatomic structures includes cropped images to emphasize key points, and
  • An overview of radiographic technique includes the effects of patient positioning, respiration, and
  • Radiographs of immature patients show the effect of patient age on anatomic appearance.

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General Information  
PublisherElsevier Science
BindingHard Back
Publish YearJanuary 2011