More Details about Auto Collision Repair Release 3

General Information  
PublisherCengage Learning
Publish YearOctober 2000


Well known author and videographer, James E. Duffy, now brings his talents to automotive collision repair with a new series of CDs for beginning students. Packed with live action and animation, each CD focuses on the basic concepts and bring them to life for the student. The series includes a basic safety tape and stresses safety throughout. Mr. Duffy has scoured the market for excellent footage from OEMs and aftermarket manufacturers and includes this to give the CDs a modern up to the minute look and feel. With many years experience producing instructional resources, James Duffy knows how to create resources that students will be able to unederstand and learn from, as well as keeping them interested in the presented material. Lively, educational, and modern, this new series will become a required part of instruction for automotive collision repair courses.