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General Information  
Publish YearJanuary 2010


Basic Electronics, meant for the core science and technology courses in engineering colleges and universities, has been designed with the key objective of enhancing the students? knowledge in the field of electronics. Solid state electronics being a rapidly-evolving field of study, each topic has been extensively researched for the latest updates, and the authors have supplemented the chapters with customized pedagogical features. The required knowledge in mathematics has been developed throughout the book and no prior grasp of physical electronics has been assumed as an essential requirement for understanding the subject. Detailed mathematical derivations illustrated by solved examples enhance the understanding of the theoretical concepts. With its simple language and clear-cut style of presentation, this book presents an intelligent understanding of a complex subject like electronics.

Key Features:-

  • Outline and Objectives provide a brief look at the chapter, and help the students and the instructor
  • Figures and Tables illustrate the major concepts providing a perspective into the real-life applicat
  • Solved Examples after every key topic and mathematical derivation help the students develop a strong
  • For Advanced Readers identify and analyse the vital concepts to support advanced learning.
  • Points to Remember recreate the chapter for fast recapitulation.
  • Objective Questions, Review Questions and Practice Problems allow the students to evaluate themselve