Building Android Apps In Easy Steps is a handy guide for creating smartphone Android apps and testing them as well. This book offers readers the chance to find out more on this fascinating process and make their own Android app. Building Android Apps In Easy Steps will make the application based ideas of readers a reality. There are easy steps put forth in the book along with instructions on the development and testing of Android apps. Readers learn how to make graphical interfaces, deploy and build Android apps, define properties of applications and integrate with the internet. Addition of interactivity and other topics are also covered with the help of user friendly drag and drop modules. Building Android Apps In Easy Steps contains ample examples for the demonstration of the concepts. Some topics included in the book are Controlling Progress, Deploying Apps, Managing Text, Sensing Conditions, Designing Interfaces and Embracing Media. This book will teach readers how to make their own development environment on their computers. It instructs readers on the installation of the App Inventor and Java. This is backed up by the demonstration of major app creating functions as well. No coding is required as well. There are several areas that are covered including calling function, playing videos and sound and tweeting updates. Beginners to the world of programming can expect to learn the requisite skills for app building with this book. Professional programmers are sure to add something new to their repertoire after reading this book.


General Information  
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2012