Bank Frauds are on the increase and effective defence against this scourge is knowledge about them. If the information is available, it is easier to fight back : detect the crime, collect evidence against the perpetrator and provide against recurrence. The first Edition of this book is more than a decade old. Much water had flowed through the banking industry since. The banking business is now being handled by Computers, ATMs, AFTs, Credit Cards, etc. The changes in the old order of handling money are also bringing changes in the modus oprande of the defrauder.The new Edition caters to the needs as per the changes that have taken place upto the date of publication. Except for the initial titbits there is complete overhaul of the book. New chapters on computer Frauds, Credit Cards, Protection of Bank Documents, Information Technology, Handling of Bank Frauds including Investigation, Inquiry, Punitive Action, and upto date Case Laws, etc., and exhaustive revision of the old chapters have brought the book to the current state of knowledge to meet the present day and the future problems and challenges of the defrauder. The supplement containing the new law on dishonoured cheques makes it more informative for readers. The book is a multi-professional monograph, written in non-technical language, addressed to all those who are concerned with and have to deal with bank frauds : Administrators, Bankers, Investigators, Experts, Counsels, Judges and even the public who suffer from the initial blues.

More Details about Bank Frauds-Prevention and Detection-including Computer & Credit Cards Crimes, 3rd Edition (Reprint)

General Information  
Author(s)Sharma Dr B R
PublisherUniversal Law Publishing Pvt Ltd
Publish YearJanuary 2011