Were you looking for the book with access to MasteringChemistry? This product is the book alone and does NOT come with access to MasteringChemistry. Buy the book and access card package to save money on this resource.Maintaining the clear and approachable writing style characteristic of author Karen Timberlake, Basic Chemistry, Fourth Edition, adds to its suite of problem-solving tools and techniques necessary for educational and workforce success. Engaging new features such as Key Math Skills and Core Chemistry Skills, and Math Review Modules allow students of various levels and learning styles to practice and master quantitative skills. Popular features, including "Combining Ideas" sections and end-of-chapter questions, have also been strengthened and expanded. Modern real-world applications help students connect chemical principles to events in their world, while stories involving careers illustrate the importance of chemistry in future careers. Salient Features Unique, color-coded Guides to Problem-Solving are given for each problem type discussed in the text. In each Sample Problem, solutions are mapped out step-by-step using color blocks that visually guide students through each problem-solving strategy. Concept Checks throughout each chapter allow students to check their understanding of new chemical terms and ideas. Learning Goals at the beginning of each chapter section clearly identify the key concept of the section, providing a road map for studying. All information contained in that section relates back to the Learning Goal. Learning Goals are also repeated in each Chapter Review so students can confirm mastery of key concepts. Updated Chapter Openers with anthropologists, doctors, pharmacists, and biochemists make chemistry relevant to students and show them why learning about chemistry is important to their career plans. Looking Ahead outlines clearly state the topics covered in each chapter. Chapter review, key terms, additional problems, and summary of reactions are included in the end-of-chapter material to help students review their comprehension of the material. Study Check questions included with each sample problem immediately engage students and test their understanding of the problem-solving strategy. Paired problem sets after each section encourage active learning and allow students to practice the concepts they have just learned before moving on to new material. Answers to study check questions and odd-numbered problems are included at the end of each chapter to give students immediate feedback and help them monitor their understanding of the content. Special-interest boxes illustrate the relationship between chemistry and important health and environmental topics such as smog, global warming, and mercury poisoning. Macro-to-micro artwork provides students with a visual representation of chemical phenomena on the atomic level. Questions that accompany the figures help students focus on the illustrated concepts."

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Author(s)William Timberlake and Karen C Timberlake
Edition4th Edition
Publish YearOctober 2016