Basic Principles of Forensic Chemistry aims to provide the eager student with a clear and concise understanding of forensic chemistry.? Leading experts in the field?contribute general examination techniques, followed by more specific application models. Beginning with reviews of the basic principles of chemistry?such as?atomic structure and expanding through molecules and into organic chemistry, the detailed chapters also serve as an introduction to the tools used by all examiners, provide insight into the job at hand, specifically the different types of controlled substances encountered by the forensic drug chemist, and illustrate the most challenging portion of a forensic drug chemist's job: clandestine laboratory operations.? In addition to the theoretical, the inclusion of the?Forensic Chemistry Laboratory Manual, on CD-ROM,?allows the theoretical principles explained in the book to come to life with?a collection of practical exercises?promoting valuable hands-on experience while adding clarity and continuity to the lecture topics. Essential and comprehensive, Basic Principles of Forensic Chemistry imparts the fundamental knowledge required?for the?rewarding journey into the field of forensic chemistry.

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Publish YearJanuary 2012