Beginning Android 4 Application Development is a breakneck guidebook to provide assistance to budding Android mobile app developers. Since the Android 4 operating system is compatible with both Smartphones and tablets for the first time, learning application development on this platform will broaden your rates of success on both devices. This book furnishes you with all the required skills for creating attractive user interfaces, working with SMS services, APIs and the Android SDK. Starting right from the basics, you can make your way up to creating that app of your dreams and watch it score you some fame. Providing you with useful details and tricks of activities, fragments and intents, Beginning Android 4 Application Development will essentially tutor you towards mastering the very art of application programming on the Android 4 OS. You can explore every aspect of the development of your app, from data persistence and content providers to menus and display pictures. Become a pro at handling both the front end, as well as back end of your application, as this book guides you through every step. With easy references and full-color representations, you can create, design and publish an app that was once just an idea in the back of your head. Android programming was never this easy and once you have acquired all the necessary skills to build a spectacular app, you will never look at other platforms again. This book was published on 11th May, 2012 and is available in Paperback.

Key Features:-

  • Provides an in-depth approach to application programming and development on the Android 4 OS.
  • Android 4 OS is for the first time a single solution for both Smartphones and tablets and mastering

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General Information  
Author(s)Wei Meng Lee
PublisherJohn Wiley
Publish YearJanuary 2015