Biochemistry for Medical Laboratory Technology Students at Meripustak

Biochemistry for Medical Laboratory Technology Students by Harbans Lal and Ashuma Sachdeva, CBS Publishers & Distributors

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Books from same Publisher: CBS Publishers & Distributors

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Harbans Lal and Ashuma Sachdeva
    PublisherCBS Publishers & Distributors
    Edition1st Edition 2019
    Publish YearMarch 2019


    CBS Publishers & Distributors Biochemistry for Medical Laboratory Technology Students by Harbans Lal and Ashuma Sachdeva

    Biochemistry for Medical Laboratory Technology students has been organized as per recent curriculum of the Bsc MLT course,
    being followed in most of the universities. The complete syllabus has been divided in to three parts, comprising of 54 chapters. All
    the chapters place emphasis on the clinical relevance of biochemistry. For better understanding of the subject, wherever desired,
    the text has been supplemented with suitable diagrams and tables to make it even more lucid for the students.
    • PART I Includes Basic Principles of Biochemistry. This section deals with an Introduction to MLT; Chemistry of
    macromolecules ; safety measures ; First aid ; storage and handling of chemicals ; Units ; Reference range ;Statistics ;
    Radioisotopes ;Biophysical chemistry; Glass and electric apparatus ;collection and handling of specimen and disposal of waste
    ;Preparation of distilled water ; reagents and solutions , and buffers ; Estimation of various analytes ; and urine and stone analysis ,
    which are of prime importance for a medical laboratory Technologist.
    • PART II Includes Analytical Biochemistry and Metabolism. This section deals with Enzymes and vitamins; Metabolism of
    macromolecules and hemoglobin; and some of the techniques like Chromatography and Electrophoresis.
    • PART III Includes Clinical Biochemistry. This section deals with quality control ; Automation in clinical chemistry and
    laboratory organization ; organ function tests ; Minerals ; hormones ; Special Investigations like diabetic and cardiac makers , etc.;
    Biochemical analysis and biological fluids and stool.
    All the three parts also have relevant practical exercises. Further, some important questions, which a student is expected to know
    after understanding the subject, have been included at the end of each chapter.
    A lot of effort has gone into making this book simple and enjoyable to read and retain for a student. We hope that the students will be
    benefitted immensely by this comprehensive volume.

    Tale of Contents:-
    PART I
    Basic Principles of Biochemistry
    Chapter 1 Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology 3
    Chapter 2 Carbohydrates 6
    Chapter 3 Lipids 15
    Chapter 4 Proteins and Amino Acids 22
    Chapter 5 Digestion and Absorption of Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins 34
    Chapter 6 Safety Measures in a Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 38
    Chapter 7 Storage and Handling of Laboratory Chemicals 39
    Chapter 8 First Aid and Emergency Treatment in a Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 45
    Chapter 9 Units of Measurements 49
    Chapter 10 Radioisotopes and Radiation Hazards 53
    Chapter 11 Biophysical Chemistry 56
    Chapter 12 Reference Range 61
    Chapter 13 Laboratory Glass Apparatus 64
    Chapter 14 Electrical Apparatus 77
    Chapter 15 Collection and Handling of Blood Specimen 82
    Chapter 16 Infectious Biological Material 92
    Chapter 17 Disposal of Biological Waste 96
    Chapter 18 Distilled Water 99
    Chapter 19 Reagents and Solutions 102
    Chapter 20 PH, Buffers and Indicators 106
    Chapter 21 Qualitative Analysis of Urine 112
    Chapter 22 Colorimetry 121
    Chapter 23 Routine Clinical Chemistry Investigations of Blood 126
    Chapter 24 Electrolytes 137
    Chapter 25 Statistical Methods 142
    Chapter 26 Biochemical Analysis of Kidney and Gallbladder Stones 146
    Analytical Biochemistry and Metabolism
    Chapter 27 Enzymes 151
    Chapter 28 Vitamins and Coenzymes 159
    Chapter 29 Metabolism of Carbohydrates 172
    Chapter 30 Metabolism of Lipids 184
    Chapter 31 Metabolism of Proteins and Amino Acids 195
    Chapter 32 Nucleic Acids 208
    Chapter 33 Metabolism of Hemoglobin 214
    Chapter 34 Lipid Profile 218
    Chapter 35 Estimation of Serum Enzymes 223
    Chapter 36 Spectroscopy 227
    Chapter 37 Chromatography 229
    Chapter 38 Electrophoresis 236
    Clinical Biochemistry
    Chapter 39 Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay 243
    Chapter 40 Quality Control 247
    Chapter 41 Automation in Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 254
    Chapter 42 Organization of a Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 262
    Chapter 43 Pancreatic Function Tests 266
    Chapter 44 Liver Function Tests 268
    Chapter 45 Gastric Function Tests 273
    Chapter 46 Kidney Function Tests 277
    Chapter 47 Thyroid Function Tests 287
    Chapter 48 Quantitative Estimation of Some Biochemical Constituents in Urine 291
    Chapter 49 Minerals 296
    Chapter 50 Hormone Profiles 304
    Chapter 51 Special Biochemical Investigations 308
    Chapter 52 Biochemical Analysis of CSF 314
    Chapter 53 Biochemical Analysis of Ascitic and Pleural Fluids 316
    Chapter 54 Biochemical Examination of Stool 318