More Details about Bioinstrumenttion

General Information  
Author(s)Reilly M J
Publish YearDecember 2015


This reference textbook on bioinstrumentation is a description of the medical and technical disciplines that make up the world of 'medical electronics'. Bioinstruments measure, record and transmit data on bodily functions. The entire text is covered in 19 chapters, and each chapter covers all the topics in a cogent and lucid style to help the reader grasp the information quickly and easily. Figures and tables have been liberally added to make the facts comprehensive to the reader. The book is a complete treatise on bioinstrumentation and also includes cellular measurements on biomaterials and tissue engineering and mechanism of electrodes. This reference textbook is an essential reading for medical students, electronic and electrical engineers, teachers, professionals, researchers and industrialists involved with chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, environmental science, microbiology, biotechnology and life sciences. The reference textbook also caters to the requirement of the syllabus prescribed by various Indian universities for undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing these courses.