The strategy of exclusive reliance on synthetic chemical pesticides for minimizing crop losses caused by pests has led to undesirable consequences for human health and caused a number of ecological and economic problems. The concept of integrated pest management (IPM) was propounded to minimize these effects. But in spite of its inspirational value, most IPM programmes still include economic threshold level (ETL) based application of chemical insecticides as a major input. The wide range of biological and molecular approaches discussed in 15 Chapters in this book offer a plethora of environmentally benign alternatives to these chemical insecticides. It is hoped that the book will fill the wide gap in literature on utilization of biological and molecular approaches in biointensive IPM as an alternative to chemical insecticide based IPM for sustainable insect pest management in future.

More Details about Biological and Molecular Approaches in Pest Management

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Author(s)Singh and Balwinder ; Arora and R ; Gosal and S S
PublisherScientific Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2015