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Author(s)MTG Editorial Board
PublisherMTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd
Publish YearAugust 2017


Biology Champion For NEET By MTG Editorial Board

MTG NEET Champion Biology, a 100% solved question bank of last 10 years (2017 – 2008). The previous years’ questions of various PMTs have been segregated chapterwise and topicwise in this book to help students prepare better and feel confident about it. It gives idea about which chapters and which topics are more important than others.
The principle objective of this series is that it should be able to familiarize the prospective student with a wide variety of questions frequently asked in various medical entrance exams. In the process, student will be able to gain mastery over the subject, thus emerging as Champions.
The salient features are:
• Graphical analysis of questions highlighting weightage of topics.
• Concise refreshing theory for effective recapitulation.
• NCERT based chapterwise and topicwise segregation of previous 10 years’ (2017 – 2008) questions of entrance exams.
• Multiple choice questions having more than one option correct are highlighted by star mark.
• 10 unit tests containing level wise questions for self-analysis.
• 5 Test papers to check the readiness of their preparation.

This book aim to help readers in scoring their best in medical entrance exams.

Class XI
1. The Living World 
2. Biological Classification 
3. Plant Kingdom 
4. Animal Kingdom 
Unit Test-1 
5. Morphology of Flowering Plants 
6. Anatomy of Flowering Plants 
7. Structural Organisation in Animals 
Unit Test-2 
8. Cell- The Unit of Life 
9. Biomolecules 
10. Cell Cycle and Cell Division 
Unit Test-3 
11. Transport in Plants 
12. Mineral Nutrition 
13. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants 
14. Respiration in Plants 
15. Plant Growth and Development 
Unit Test-4
16. Digestion and Absorption 
17. Breathing and Exchange of Gases 
18. Body Fluids and Circulation 
19. Excretory Products and Their Elimination
20. Locomotion and Movement 
21. Neural Control and Coordination 
22. Chemical Coordination and Integration 
Unit Test-5 
Answer Keys of unit Tests
Class XII
1. Reproduction in Organisms 
2. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants 
3. Human Reproduction
4. Reproductive Health 
Unit Test-1 
5. Principles of Inheritance and Variation 
6. Molecular Basis of Inheritance 
7. Evolution 
Unit Test-2 
8. Human Health and Diseases 
9. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
10. Microbes in Human Welfare 
Unit Test-3 
11. Biotechnology : Principles and Processes
12. Biotechnology and Its Applications 
Unit Test-4 
13. Organisms and Populations 
14. Ecosystem 
15. Biodiversity and Conservation 
16. Environmental Issues 
Unit Test-5 
Answer Keys of unit Tests
Test Paper-1 
Test Paper-2 
Test Paper-3 
Test Paper-4 
Test Paper-5