Birsa Munda(1872-1900) at Meripustak

Birsa Munda(1872-1900)

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    Author(s)K S Singh
    PublisherNational Book Trust
    Edition3rd Edition
    Publish YearDecember 2012


    National Book Trust Birsa Munda(1872-1900) by K S Singh

    Birsa Munda(1872-1900)

    Birsa Munda was born on 18th July 1872 at Bamba village in Ranchi district of Jharkhand. He led an armed struggle against the British to establish Munda Raj. Besides, alcoholism and belief in spirits and black magic prevalent among various tribal communities. He had a larger vision of life which is reflected in his socio-religious movement, his concept of Munda identity linked with Munda kingdom and independence. He died on 8 June 1900 in a prison. He is regarded as a prophet by the tribal communities of Jharkhand. His impact and relevance has been widely discussed in this book. 


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    The Background


    From about the second half of the eighteenth century, the tribal agrarian order in many parts of the Indian subcontinent began to disintegrate under the pressure of the influx of the aliens,..

    Early Years (1872-94)


    Centuries ago, the ancestors of Birsa, who belonged to the Purti clan, in the course of their wanderings in search of a homeland for themselves, came upon a river called Domdagara in the vicinity of Chutia,..

    The Making of a Prophet


    Birsa's career so far except for his sensitivity to religious influences was typical of a Sardar's. Then he rapidly evolved through a sequence of interesting events, the agitator grew into a prophet in 1985.

    The Beginning of the Political Movement


    Out of the innocuous religious overtones of the movement in 1985 emerged its agrarian and political character. Behind this change was the growing influence at the Sardars,..

    The Interlude


    The four years following the first phase of the movement were marked by two famines, the passage of an ineffective piece of agrarian legislation, the continuing Sardar agitation and the failure of the government to curb Birsa's activities after his release from jail.

    The Uprising


    The uprising of 1899-1900 threw into relief the ideas that underlay it. In 1892, there were only covert suggestions of stopping payment of rent to zamindars, holding lands rent-free and re-establishing the Mundas'..

    The End


    On 28 January the two leading Munda Sardars, Donka and Manjhia, and thirty-two others surrendered in a body following the attachment of their property.

    The Religious Movement of Birsa and the Birsaites


    On 28 January the two leading Munda Sardars, Donka and Manjhia, and thirty-two others surrendered in a body following the attachment of their property.

    Consequences of the Movement


    In 1900-1 though the agitation among the Mundas entirely died away, the feelings which gave rise to it smouldered as widely as ever. The relations between landlords and ryots were as unsatisfactory as they could be,..

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