More Details about Bloomsbury Internet Law

General Information  
Author(s)Rodney D Ryder and Ashwin Madhavan
PublisherBloomsbury India
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearOctober 2018


About the book
In the present day when almost everything is digitalized, the role of Internet law becomes something that cannot be overlooked. This book focuses on the concept of law and policy in the Indian cyberspace and addresses the issue of jurisdiction in cyberspace. It also enumerates the significance of digital and electronic signature in the present world. The book comprehensively discusses about the concept of electronic evidence and its admissibility in India. The book also attempts to address the issue of data protection, privacy and corporate governance as well as various legal challenges in Internet banking.

Key Features
Conceptual guide in resolving the complexities of legal challenges faced by new media
Examines the early evolution of Internet case law in the United States
Critical analysis on the standing of India and other countries on digital and electronic signatures
Analyses the admissibility of electronic evidence in India and the amendments made to the Bankers Book Evidence Act and the Indian Penal Code
Addresses the issues of data protection, privacy and cyber crime