Blume's Atlas of Pediatric and Adult EEGs combines Dr. Blume's two classic books, the Atlas of Adult EEG and the Atlas of Pediatric EEG, into a single resource for adult and pediatric epileptologists, neurologists, and neurology trainees. This new, consolidated atlas features substantially more digitally obtained illustrations, offers hundreds of new recordings that demonstrate seizure states, normal phenomena, and artifacts, and expands on ICU bedside monitoring with the four-channel abbreviated recording typically used in the intensive care setting. The authors provide examples of typical waveforms and the expected variances. A companion website offers the fully searchable text and hundreds of additional EEG recordings with captions. Users can test their knowledge with the caption "off," then click to confirm the correct answer.

Key Features:-

  • Expanded ICU bedside monitoring with four-channel waveforms online
  • Recordings of invasive EEG
  • Montages of recordings help trainee in pattern recognition
  • Prepared by the leading EEG expert, Warren Blume
  • Blume's atlases are recommended by the American Academy of Neurology in its core curriculum for the

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General Information  
PublisherWolters Kluwer | Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Publish YearApril 2010