An accurate new tool for fast, low-cost analysis of functional MRI images Specifically designed with the human brain mapping community in mind, the Brain Atlas for Functional Imaging is a useful tool for fast and accurate analysis of functional MRI images. You can load your own anatomical and functional images and data and correlate them using atlas-assisted labeling and triplanar display. Identify and label activation loci with Brodmann's areas and gyri in the axial orientation -- which can be flipped to the left or the right so that the labels appear in both hemispheres. All views can be saved to an external drive and printed. Highlights Contains a fully color-coded, enhanced Talairach-Tournoux brain atlas in triplanar orientations Allows simultaneous displays of the atlas image, anatomic image and functional image within one blended view with a user-controlled transparency Allows interactive placement of the Talairach landmarks in 3-D space and image-to-atlas warping based on the Talairach proportional grid system transformation User-friendly navigation Combining the most recent advances in MRI with anatomical data, this interactive CD-ROM is an invaluable tool for research and clinical applications in human brain mapping and neuroradiology. Please visit , the Brain Atlas related web site. Click for titles by the same author.

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PublisherThieme Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2001