Praise for this book:This book should be required reading for the multidisciplinary team of physicians and health care professionals who use mammography for breast cancer detection and treatment...a landmark volume in the field of mammography.--Radiology Internationally renowned breast cancer imagers, Laszlo Tabar and Peter B. Dean, and the eminent breast pathologist, Tibor Tot, distill decades of clinical expertise in this new volume covering the most frequently occurring malignant type of calcifications: the pleomorphic, crushed stone-like calcifications. The book presents a systematic approach to using mammographic features to distinguish different subtypes of breast diseases originating within the terminal ductal lobular unit (TDLU). More than 800 images demonstrate abnormal findings with superb clarity, providing a state-of-the-art visual reference for interpreting mammograms in the clinical setting.

Key Features:-

  • Concise descriptions of mammographic and MRI findings correlated with high-quality histopathologic i
  • Extensive coverage of all aspects of the benign differential diagnostic counterparts of pleomorphic
  • Straightforward discussion of terminology based on a thorough analysis of subgross anatomy, 3D histo
  • 3D viewing glasses enclosed in the book for perceiving specially marked images in their true three-d

More Details about Breast Cancer: Early Detection with Mammography Crushed Stone-like Calcifications: The Most Frequent Malignant Type 1st Edition

General Information  
PublisherThieme Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2008