Business English: Writing for the Global Workplace takes the approach that local language has value in informal environments with Business English being the best choice in formal environments. With this text, students will use their local language (or dialect) to become more proficient with Business English. The text achieves this by comparing and contrasting the two language systems, "building a wall" between Business English and local language. Because technology has made the world smaller, the ability to speak and write Business English has never been more important. Just about every job in the marketplace now includes writing e-mail and speaking to people from diverse cultures. This book provides the tools needed for the global workplace. A student who has mastered the principles presented here will have a solid foundation in speaking and writing Business English to people from around the world.

Key Features:-

  • Each unit opener stresses a different type of business document: E-mail, memos, and business letters
  • The text includes Concept Checks for the students to immediately apply what they have learned.
  • The Explore and Practice features further reinforce learning as a process in each chapter.
  • A number of various marginal features enhance the concepts presented
  • The End of Chapter material includes a number of activities applying the concepts presented in the c
  • The Inbox appears at the end of each chapter and provides additional exercises in writing and editin

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General Information  
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2014