The CAMLOG? Implant System is one of the most successful systems on the international implant market. The CAMLOG Compendium, consisting of manual 1 Surgery and manual 2 Prosthetics, describes (using more than 800 illustrations) the clinical and prosthetic procedures involved in the practice of implant dentistry. The CAMLOG Compendium is targeted at users in order to ensure the proper handling of the system. The prosthetically oriented CAMLOG? Implant System stands for interdisciplinary teamwork - combining the skills of dentist and dental technician to develop implant solutions that benefit the patient. The CAMLOG Compendium 1 Surgery addresses the insertion of the different CAMLOG? implant configurations. It consists of a description of the prosthetic CAMLOG concept, general information about the system, and prosthetic planning up to surgical intervention. The CAMLOG Compendium 2 Prosthetics presents the dentist and dental technician with an array of treatment options available in the CAMLOG? Implant System. The patented CAMLOG? implant-abutment connection allows natural-looking, implant supported perioprosthetics for fixed and removable dentures.

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Author(s)CAMLOG Biotechnologies AG
PublisherThieme Medical Publishers