CICS Handbook is custom made for those involved in the programming, application development, and system analysis in Customer Information Control System (CICS). It makes for a sound source of reference for the CICS professionals since all the relevant information pertaining to CICS has been covered in it. The contents have been divided into eighteen chapters. After an introductory part, the first chapter deals with Application Program Housekeeping and the second pertains to Program Control. Chapters three to five are dedicated to File Control. Random Access is dealt with in chapter three and Sequential Access in the fourth chapter. Advanced Topics have been discussed in the fifth chapter. Terminal Control has been explained in the sixth chapter. The concept of BMS in CICS has been covered from the chapters seven to nine. Maps, Input/output Operations and Advanced Applications in BMS feature in the above mentioned topics. Chapter ten has been devoted to Transient Data Control. Chapter eleven and twelve are devoted to Temporary Storage Control and Interval Control, and Task Control. Topics on System Security, Recovery and Restart, Tests and Debugging and Intercommunication feature from chapters twelve to sixteen. Chapter seventeen deals with System Design Considerations and the final chapter is a case study on MACS System. The appendix section consists of Sample, CICS Commands, BMS Map Definition Macros, Common CICS COPYLIB Members and Common Response and ABEND Codes.

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2002