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Publish YearJanuary 2012


In preparation for this edition, we invited instructors who teach introductory biology for non-majors students to meet with us and discuss the goals of their course. Nearly always, their goal was something like this: To familiarize students with the way that science works and provide them with the tools they need to make well-informed choices as consumers and as voters. This makes sense. Most students who use this book will not be biologists and many will never take another science course. Yet they certainly need to make decisions that require an understanding of the process of science and of basic biological principles. We provide these future decision-makers with an accessible introduction to science. Throughout this edition, we emphasize that biology is not a body of facts, but rather an ongoing endeavor carried out by a diverse community of people. We underscore this point by describing current research and providing photos and videos of the scientists who do it. We explain not only what is known, but also how it was discovered and how our understanding has changed over time. At the same time, we highlight the role of longstanding scientific theories, most notably the theory of evolution, which is a unifying theme in this book.