Completely updated to cover the latest Certified Wireless Technology Specialist exam, this best-selling study guide is essential for the CWNP foundation-level CWTS certification. CWTS is in high demand for wireless networking professionals and you can master all the exam topics with this thorough guide. It covers all the exam objectives and helps you study with hands-on exercises, chapter review questions, an objective map, a pre-assessment test, and additional study tools on the companion website. CWTS: Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Study Guide, 3rd Edition thoroughly covers all exam objectives, including Wi-Fi Technology, Standards, and Certifications; Hardware and Software; Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals; Site Surveying and Installation; Applications, Support, and Troubleshooting; and Security & Compliance. About the Author Robert Bartz is a technical trainer and consultant specializing in computer networking technology. Robert's more than 20 years experience with computer networking technology include having been involved with the CWNP program since inception and attending the first CWNA class in 2001. Robert holds many certifications including CWNP TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Assessment Test Chapter 1 Computer Networking Fundamentals Network Types The Local Area Network The Wide Area Network The Metropolitan Area Network The Campus Area Network The Personal Area Network Network Topologies The Bus Topology The Ring Topology The Star Topology The Mesh Topology Ad Hoc Connections Point-to-Point Connections Point-to-Multipoint Connections The OSI Model Layer 1 -- The Physical Layer Layer 2 -- The Data Link Layer Layer 3 -- The Network Layer Layer 4 -- The Transport Layer Layer 5 -- The Session Layer Layer 6 -- The Presentation Layer Layer 7 -- The Application Layer How the Layers Work Together Peer-Layer Communication Data Encapsulation Device Addressing Physical Addressing Logical Addressing Network Address Translation Chapter 2 Wireless Local Area Networking

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Author(s)Robert J. Bartz
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Publish YearNovember 2018