More Details about Canine Feline Skin Diseases

General Information  
Author(s)Duclos D D
Publish YearDecember 1998


"Instructions for Veterinary Clients: Canine and Feline Skin Diseases" will present client handouts on approximately 78 skin diseases commonly encountered in small animal practice and 13 general therapies used for multiple skin disorders. The binder begins with a detailed description of how the practitioner can use the handouts and what the benefits are. It is followed by two major parts. Part One contains helpful assessment/history forms for the veterinarian and staff to use. Part Two comprises the handouts. They are organized in sections by type of skin problem, such as hypersensitivities, neoplasias and parasitic conditions. Each disorder handout is consistently organized with a general description of the problem, important treatment points, precautionary instructions (Call the veterinarian if.), and space for the veterinarian to customize instructions. A final section lists common therapies, such as specific drugs, that may be used for a variety of problems. Handouts are 3-hole punched and enclosed in a 3-ring overlay binder for easy removal for photocopying.