Over the past decade, there has been explosive growth in the U.S. artisan cheese industry. The availability of artisan cheeses, made using traditional practices, has ignited renewed consumer interest in cheese making and cheese consumption. This affords a tremendous opportunity to educate a new population of scientists, cheese makers and technologists on the role which microorganisms play in the process of traditional cheese making. This book provides a scientific overview of the beneficial association of microbes with cheese, through the lens of the numerous unique cheeses which result due to surface mold ripening, internal mold ripening, rind washing, cave aging or surface smear rind development. Using the tools of molecular biology to study traditional cheeses made with artisan practices, science is providing new insights into the complexity of the microbial biodiversity of traditional cheeses.

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Author(s)Donnelly and Catherine and W
PublisherT and F CRC
Publish YearJanuary 2014