First published in 1969, this work has been acknoledged as an authoritative and comprehensive treatise on cheques, which next to cash, continue to be the most widely used medium of payment in this country. The book provides an extensive and analytical insight into the law and banking practices relating to cheques (as well as bank drafts, bank pay orders, and travellers` cheques). It traverses the various stages of a cheque, from its drawing, issue and negotiation, to collection and presentment by the holder`s bank and eventual payment or dishonour by the drawee bank. The book discusses the inter se rights and obligations of parties to cheques, the duties of collecting and paying banks, and the statutory protection they can claim. The book presents and explains current Indian and English statutes governing cheques, and cites a broad range of relevant Indian, English, and other Commonwealth legal decisions. A distinctive feature of the book is its critical analyses of, and comments on, the statutory provisions and judicial pronouncements, and suggestions for changes to the existing law. Also, pioneering among Indian publications, the book provides an overview of the comparative US law. An enlarged section provides a comprehensive and critical review of the statutory provisions and the burgeoning case-law on the criminal prosectuion of defaulting drawers of dishonoured cheques under a chapter introduced in the Negotiable Insturuments Act in 1988 and amended in December 2002. This work has drawn approving references by some judges of High Courts and the Supreme Court. Like its predecessors, this updated, enlarged, and restructured edition will be a valuable resource to practitioners and students of law, bank officials, and businessmen.

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General Information  
Author(s)Parthasarathy M S
PublisherUniversal Law Publishing Pvt Ltd
Publish YearJanuary 2003