The present book is an attempt of Biochemistry Departments as well as budding clinicians to the need made out in the above paragraph. The main stress of the book is on disease diagnosis for which both clinical findings and the laboratory tests have their own importance (although neither of the two has 1 00% predictability value for the purpose). Thus desired stress has been laid on the clinical presentations of patients. Brief mention of pathophysiological mechanisms should facilitate both grasp of clinical presentations as well as selection of suitable tests for the problems of the patients. The biochemical tests have been discussed in context of the demand of the clinical situation. The reason for the choice of the test has amply been explained. The analytical and theoretical details about the tests have been avoided. At many places relative importance of the clinical features or results of other investigations to the bio-chemical test in a clinical situation has been defined. The objective type questions are meant to highlight certain points of the text. Some of these however provide independent pieces of information. The case histories are meant to illustrate the manner in which the information in a chapter will be required to be used. These are only illustrative and not taken out of the case files of actual patients.

More Details about Clinical Biochemistry In Diagnosis & Management

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Author(s)A S Saini and J Kaur
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Publish YearJanuary 2011