Increasing load upon the Final MBBS students on reading all the essential subjects such as Medicine Surgery Obstetrics Gynecology Orthopedics and Pediatrics made them suffer a lot during the clinical examination. it was found they tend to forget the most important points reading a lot of books during the examination. Especially pediatrics is an essential subject in the MBBS career of a student and many of them failed in their examination due to the pediatrics practical. The co authors of this book tried their best in bringing the book with all essential points updating to the present standard of practice in clinical pediatrics. The chapters on Vaccines and Tuberculosis are all taken from the latest updated articles of Pediatrics in India. The most highlighted part of this book is the crispy nature of the book which makes it an essential book for the regular ward rounds and also the essential book for last minute revision during the examination.

Key Features:-

  • Covers all the important clinical cases needed for the MBBS students
  • Completely reviewed and edited by Pediatricians Dr B Parthiban and Dr K lIayaraja
  • This is the first book of its kind to have in depth discussion of the clinical examination cases for
  • Discusses each topic from history taking examination investigations to treatment along with the rele
  • The book is updated with the latest editions of Nelson OP Ghai Indian Academy of Pediatrics (lAP) an
  • Many relevant data needed for the topics are taken from various international textbooks and journals

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General Information  
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2014