More Details about Clinical Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorfers

General Information  
Author(s)Michael B First and Allan Tasman
PublisherJohn Wiley
Publish YearJanuary 2010


Two key challenges face mental health practitioners: making thecorrect psychiatric diagnosis and choosing the most appropriatetreatment option. This book aims to help with both. Clinical Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of MentalDisorders – Second Edition combines clinically–relevantinformation about each of theDSM–IV–TR diagnoses with clear,detailed information on treatment options, giving full clinicalmanagement advice. Once again, the editors, both leadingpsychiatrists, have condensed the chapters on Disorders from Tasmanet al s acclaimed two volume textbook of Psychiatry(now in its Third Edition), retaining only the content they deemparticularly relevant to the clinician for ease of use. Each disorder is discussed under the headings of Diagnosis(including Assessment Issues, Comorbidity, Course, and DifferentialDiagnosis, giving diagnostic decision trees where relevant) andTreatment (listing all therapeutic options, giving practical advicefor patient management, summarising treatment specifics with tablesand treatment flowcharts). The original edition established itself as the first point ofreference for any clinician or mental health practitioner needingexpert advice on therapeutic options for any psychiatric disorder.This edition features an additional chapter on the psychiatricinterview and assessment of mental status to increase itsutility. It echoes the progress in psychiatry regarding the establishmentof an evidenced–based model of taxonomy, diagnosis, etiology, andtreatment. Indeed, from a psychologist's perspective, the equalconsideration provided to empirically supported psychosocialtreatments versus somatic treatment is a significant development inthe field of psychiatry.