Clinical Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) is a foundation clinical text that integrates the holistic traditional principles of Naturopathic philosophy with the scientific justification of evidence-based medicine (EBM) to support modern day practices and principles. There is a focus on all systems of the body, related conditions and clear, accessible directions that outline how a practitioner can understand health from a Naturopathic perspective and apply Naturopathic Medicines to treat patients individually. CNM is arranged by system at a macro level and arranged by condition within each chapter, enabling ease of access so that readers are able to find the same type of information about a body system or condition within any given chapter. Heading hierarchies are consistent across all chapters to facilitate this organisation.

Key Features:-

  • Clinical Naturopathic Medicine discusses both the historical perspective, current position and futur
  • Naturopathic treatments provide readers with a solid understanding of the major therapeutic modaliti
  • Each system is reviewed from a Naturopathic philosophical perspective and is then considered within
  • Each condition is assessed and discussed from a macro and micro perspective to encompass true naturo
  • Information continues the theme of bridging Traditional practice with EBM to support confident pract

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