TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Home Visiting and Initiation of Rapport 2. Assessing Client's Age 3. Hand washing 4. Measuring Weight 5. Measuring Height and Length 6. Measuring Head and Chest Circumference 7. Measuring Vital Signs 8. Purification of Water at Home 9. Preparation of ORS 10. Preparing Malaria Parasite Slide 11. Providing Hydrotherapy 12. Providing Steam Inhalation 13. Performing Urinalysis 14. Estimating Hemoglobin Level by Telequist Scale 15. Providing Antenatal Care 16. Providing Postnatal Care 17. Providing Breast Care 18. Providing Perineal Care 19. Performing Neonatal Assessment 20. Cord Care of Neonate 21. Eye Care of Neonate 22. Giving Baby Bath 23. Assisting Mother in Breastfeeding 24. Administration of Oral Polio Vaccine 25. Administration of Vit A 26. Under Six Child Assessment Appendix-I Calculating Body Mass Index (BMI) Appendix-II Calculating EDD and POG Appendix-III Boiling Swabs for Clean Procedures

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