More Details about Community Medicine: Practical Workbook (PB)

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PublisherCBS Publishers & Distributors
Publish YearSeptember 2018


Community Medicine Practical Workbook is the first complete practical book in community medicine, preventive and social medicine, and public health, presenting all aspects of the subject, namely, epidemiology, biostatistics, museum, laboratory, case discussion, and other related topics. It is designed keeping in view the various examinations in community medicine. The book is an effort to bridge the gap between the community medicine academic curriculum and various entrance examinations. Apart from epidemiology and biostatistics, it also presents other related topics like diet, vaccine, family welfare, etc. The book presents Various images of data for reading and interpretation. Various aspects of public health laboratory. Real images, rather than virtual, under public health museum. Separate section on public health microbiology with real images. Both the routine cases and rare case discussion like mental retardation, rheumatic heart disease, etc. Evolution and critical appraisal of National Health Program in highly concise format Various public health updates The book also focuses on sociology, management, literature and other parts of the subject. The book includes a discussion on the questions frequently asked regarding research, publication, literature and current public health in India. The highlight of the book is it has contributors from all parts of India, thereby understanding the needs of all the students.