More Details about Company Meetings - Law Practice and Procedure

General Information  
Author(s)KR Chandratre
PublisherLexis Nexis
BindingHard Cover
Publish YearJanuary 2009


Meetings concern every organisation. They concern most of the companies registered under the Companies Act because every company has to hold a variety of meetings during its lifetime. While board, committee and annual general meetings are of regular occurrence, other meetings are of occasional occurrence. The rigmarole of convening and conduct of meetings, and the post-meeting formalities, involve a great deal of work that every company secretary and her/his staff has to attend to. This is equally true of the company which does not have a qualified company secretary. Meetings are governed by the statute and the articles of association of the company and, therefore, complying with the requirements under them is a vital duty of a company secretary. This is more rigorous in listed companies owing to additional obligations under the listing agreement. Sometimes meetings are also impacted by shareholders’ agreement or other documents. This book caters to the needs of all types of companies, private and public, listed and unlisted as well as concerning all types of meetings. The book not only deals exhaustively with the law as well as procedures and practices relating to all aspects of the convening and conduct of meetings, but also with all types of meetings. The appendix to the book sets out, in simple and lucid language, several sample resolutions that are commonly required to be passed in companies. The book will be equally useful to company secretaries, lawyers and judges. Organisations other than companies will also find it useful as a practical guidebook.