More Details about Contact Lens Principles and Practice

General Information  
Author(s)Kirti Singh
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearApril 2017


Contact Lens Science and art of contact lens fitting, this subject gets pushed into brevity in the everexpanding knowledge about conditions more often dealt by ophthalmologists. Largely dealt by optometrists as a cosmetic alternative to spectacles, the potential of this little plastic disc has been underutilized. Advancement of technologies dealing with corneal topography, has enlarged the horizon for the contact lens practitioner to satisfactorily treat more pathologies and often avert the need for surgical intervention. Lens fitting requires basic understanding of optical principles, corneal topography and ocular surface in addition to the basic tenets of fitting different lens prototypes. This book deals with all these aspects and attempts to concisely depict this artful science with details in fitting both simple and complex cases.