Applying Organizational Behavior Contemporary Organizational Behavior: From Ideas to Action is an unconventional text that approaches Organizational Behavior in conceptual, contextual, and experiential ways. Using real world examples and expert advice, the First Edition engages students, rather than merely introducing vocabulary and terms. A combination of Topic Summaries, Case Studies, and Experiential Exercises introduce OB concepts to students while challenging them to understand them in applied situations." Salient Features Covers 14 key organizational behavior topics. Modular and flexible text allowing you to create a custom version containing the coverage you want for your course. Contact your local sales representative for more information about our Custom Library capabilities Topic Summaries written by the textbook authors begin each chapter and introduce bolded key terms, theories, and models, as well as include: 1) Learning Objectives listed at the beginning of each topic summary matched within the text. 2) Conceptual Overviews integrate key topic ideas into a holistic, navigable framework. 3) Expert Contribution Section of articles authored by two to four experts on the topic that give students access to the latest expert thinking in Organizational Behavior. Can function as theoretical supplements for lectures. Can be used as topical course readings. Spotlight on Research highlights published, scholarly research studies for each topic to encourage students to use evidence-based research to support their own opinions. Case Studies allow students to gain insight on how context affects application of concepts and serve as an integrative tool to apply major ideas across all topics. OB at Work introduces students to real world professionals who have applied text concepts to their own careers. Experiential Exercises engage students in exciting, thought-provoking tasks that forge connections between the text and personal experiencesto make learning more exciting. Reflective Exercises allow students to apply their own outside experiences to classroom concepts to make invaluable learning connections between school and personal lives. The text is versatile and can be customized or used as traditional class material. The unique, evidence-based approach combined with traditional learning techniques underscores the relevance of research in Organizational Behavior topics.

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Author(s)D Chris Kayes and Anna Kayes and Kimberly D Elsbach
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearAugust 2016